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“Tarun Kade über die Live-Cam-Variante von Leonie Böhms Yung Faust”

“Digital Drama: The technology transforming theatre”

“Stream statt Bühne: Theater experimentieren im Netz”

“The paradoxes of trying to make art during a pandemic”

“How Technology Is Augmenting Traditional Theater”

“Regisseur erwartet viele Theaterstücke über Corona”

“The Tempest review – interactive online production goes down a storm”

“Stage presence: how drama schools adapted to the age of social distancing”

“Pandemic Theatre Aesthetic”

“Continuing to Create at the Intersection of Coronavirus, Crisis, and Care”

“Mixed Reality and the Theatre of the Future”

“Intendanten Kay Vosges zu Digitalisierung und Theater”

“Theater im Home Office”

“ Computerspiele und Theater – Wie die neue Medienkunst die Bühnenwirklichkeit verändert”

“ Liveness im digitalen Raum – Über den Internet-Rush der Theater in Zeiten von Corona und Social Distancing”

“When theatre goes digital”

“Artifical intelligence and next generation storytelling”

“Theatre has to re-imagine how we connect to people”

“Die eigentliche Frontlinie ist die der sozialen Ungleichheit”

“Online, the Show Goes On. But It’s Just Not the Same”

“Tales from the digital frontier breakthroughs in storytelling”

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